Testimonial from Mr. Bechir Talbi

TashirOn May 2009, I responded to an advert issued by “Hoadedhoo Association for Development” (now Huvadhoo Aid) with a view to fill a position that consisted of teaching English to adults and carrying out some administrative duties at the headquarters of the association in G. Dh Hoadedhoo.

Being granted the position, I arrived in Male’ on November 7th, 2009. I recall that it was a rainy day and the airport was flagged by Maldivian red and green flags. I was welcomed by Huvadhoo Aid and really we didn’t have any problem meeting through the crowd of tourists and travelers. After being introduced to many friends in Male’ and having some “roshi massoni” (a delicious Maldivian meal made of bread and tuna fish) I joined Huvadhoo Association for National Development (HAND) in G. Dh Thinadhoo.

I stayed with HAND from November 7th to January 17th, 2010 where I participated actively in the daily work of the association and I do say that until now we have remained in touch. During this term, I had the unique opportunity to take part in the expedition “Walk Maldives 2009” that was a trek on the coastal reef of the atoll. Really, it was a terrific adventure!

I am still traveling in many countries and I recognize that my fellows from the Maldives are indeed very active and professional. This is a good asset for them and their community to grow and develop and deal efficiently with challenges that their communities are facing every day.

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