South Huvadhoo Youth Camp 2012 – Keramiththa


 Huvadhoo Aid had conducted South Huvadhoo Youth Camp 2012 in Keramiththa,  an uninhabited islsnd in Gaaf Dhal Atoll. The camp was conducted in partnership with the NGO’s Huvadhoo Association for National Development, Nadella Island Development Society, Maldives Youth Action Network, South Huvadhoo Partnership, Huvadhoo Information Technology Centre, Uththara Boduberu Group and Hoadedhdhoo Island Development Society .The day was developed as a fun way to create a network amongst these organisations and their volunteers. The day was devised not only to build links amongst the volunteers but to provide a number workshops and sessions on Team Building, Leadership, Lifeskills and HIV/Aids.

The first workshop of the day was on HIV/Aids, the group was split into two and took part within interactive sessions on HIV/Aids which highlighted the importance of safe sex and educated volunteers on the causes and characteristics of HIV/Aids. All participants were enthusiastic and got involved not only in the workshop but also in the football tournament that occurred afterwards. The football involved both a men and a woman’s game and became very competitive with many ending their game in the sea! After a break for lunch in which many volunteers got involved in the preparation of the food, the group re-joined for the afternoon workshops on team building and leadership. The two areas were combined within a workshop which gave the volunteers activities to participate within in small groups. From these sessions the participants also learnt about the different types of leadership styles, the importance of working as a team and why teams can be beneficial. The activities allowed for these ideas to be practically tested as well as looking at the conflicts that can occur with leadership and team building. To end the day the participants took part within an aerobics session on the beach and then free time within which most went swimming and played games within the sea. This youth camp was a great starting point for future ideas and was an enjoyable learning experience for the volunteers.

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