Let’s mend our ways and save mangroves

We are conducting mangrove cleaning event ”Let’s mend our ways and save mangroves ”, on 26th July 2020, 9:30 to 12:30, in Hoadedhoo, in partnership with Hoandedhoo Island Development Society – HIDS, Hoan’dedhdhoo Community Center, G. DH. Hoandedhdhoo Health Centre, Hoadedhoo Sports, Maldives Youth Action Network, South Huvadhoo Partners and SUN SHADE Volunteers Maldives, to celebrate independence day 2020.

Mangrove Poster

A safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment is necessary for the full enjoyment of human rights and freedom

For registration and more detailed information of the event, please contact, Event Coordinator Sabah Saeed (Phone; 9515588)