Let’s mend our ways and save mangroves

Huvadhoo Aid conducted mangrove cleaning and tree planting event on 26 July 2020, under the theme “A safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment is necessary for the full enjoyment of human rights and freedom” as one of the actives to be conducted for celebrating Independence Day & International Mangrove Day.

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The event ”Let’s mend our ways and save mangroves ”, = was conducted in collaboration with Hoandedhoo Island Development Society – HIDS, Hoadedhoo Sports,
G. DH. Hoandedhdhoo Health Centre, Hoan’dedhdhoo Community Center, South Huvadhoo Partnership, Maldives Youth Action Network, HED Maldives Cooperative Society and SUN SHADE Volunteers Maldives. Moreover, Hoadedhdhoo School joined the event with participation of teachers and management. It was successful event conducted with total 24 participants from NGOs and government institution based in Hoadedhoo.