South Asian CSOs released joint statement calling for Robust Actions to Manage COVID-19 Crisis in South Asia

In order to address the issues and challenges regarding the COVID 19 crisis, we CSOs of South Asia jointly release this statement to draw the attention of Governments of South Asia, international communities and to affirm COVID19 response and recovery actions inclusive, participatory, accountable and right based.

The joint statement call for following actions to respond COVID 19 Crisis

  • Follow Human Rights Principles for COVID-19 response and recovery
  • Make SAARC COVID19 Emergency Fund effective
  • Establish inclusive mechanisms at national, province and local level
  • Demonstrate dynamic political leadership
  • Prevent further spread of infection to citizens
  • Ensure transparency when responding COVID 19
  • Protect the older people and highly vulnerable communities from virus
  • Protect and incentivize frontline health workers
  • Cover all COVID-19 medical expenses
  • Ensure flow of vital medical supplies
  • Protect migrant workers & their families
  • Ensure health care service to Non-COVID-19 patients
  • Ensure effective delivery of relief packages
  • Protect women and girls from sexual abuse and violence
  • Ensure access to information and internet service
  • Strengthen multilateralism and international cooperation
  • Expedite role of CSOs
  • End lockdown based on situation
  • Protect right to education
  • Ban illegal trade and consumption of wild animals
  • Bring recovery plan and stimulus package led to a sustainable future

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