Marie’s experience volunteering in the Heducare Pre-School

During my time within Hoadedhdhoo I was given the opportunity to work within the pre-school as part of their English Language Enrichment programme. As part of this programme I spent time within all classes in the school including baby nursery, Nursery A & B, LKG and UKG working on their English speaking. The sessions were devised around the class themes of that week and included subjects such as shapes, personal hygiene, animals that live in the sea, air and on land, flowers, trees plus a number of other areas. Working with the children has been a great and fulfilling experience, seeing the development in their English and their interactions with me throughout my time in the school made it a worthwhile time.


Initially, the children were very new to interacting with someone that didn’t speak their language so were very quiet and shy, however as the weeks developed so did there confidence and soon the children were shouting my name as I walked around the island and interacting more openly with me in lessons. Not only did they begin to develop their English speaking within the lessons through the activities we did, but also their understanding of English developed too, the initial confused looks that came at the start of the programme developed to answers to questions when they had understood what I was asking of them. The teachers provided great support throughout the programme, providing translation s for the children from English to Divehi so that they understood tasks and could engage with the work. They also aided me with sharing themes, class resources and moral support throughout the duration of the lessons. When working in the pre-school it was great that I was made to feel like part of the teaching team especially on report giving day when I was able to take part within the celebrations with the teaching team and Huvadhoo Aid.

I feel that the English Language Enrichment programme was a great experience not only as a volunteer but also for the children involved; it gave them the opportunity to interact with someone from a different culture which helped them to learn to adapt their language skills. And for me as a volunteer I have to say it was a fantastic opportunity to work with the children and become involved with the community in this way.

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