Visited Thinadhoo and Madaveli to collect information for Research on Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Preparedness in Huvadhoo Atoll

Huvadhoo Aid continued to investigate climate change vulnerability and adaptation preparedness in the Huvadhoo Atoll by visiting the islands of Thinadhoo and Madeveli, with the assistance from an international volunteer from the United Kingdom. At Thinadhoo, members of the island council were interviewed, and one member of the atoll council was also spoken with. Due to his high level of knowledge of the various environmental programs in the atoll, the information given by the atoll councilor was particularly useful. In Madeveli, the two interviews conducted were held with the principal of the school and the head of the island council.

Again, a major lack of community awareness severely damages the community’s ability to cope with the effects of climate change. Our ultimate goal is to provide better information to NGOs so that they can better prepare local people to deal with the worsening impacts of issues such as sea level rise. The interviews conducted have been extremely useful in providing a full picture of current vulnerability and adaptation to climate change across the South Huvadhoo Atoll. Simply getting information from just one island or the internet is often not enough, it is imperative that other opinions are collected and as many different points of view are incorporated into the research as possible.

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