Huvadhoo Aid visited Thinadhoo and Madaveli as Part the South Huvadhoo Drug Prevention Network formulation process

In continuation of the current research on drugs prevention within the South Huvadhoo Atoll , members of Huvadhoo Aid convoy with British Volunteer spent two days in Madaveli and Thinadhoo to explore the areas of drug prevention within these islands. The visit included one to one meetings with members, focus groups as well as a workshop in Madaveli School. The exploration in the two islands provided a greater understanding of the problem as it currently stands and the actions that are being taken to work towards preventing these problems. The information from these visits will be incorporated with material gained from other recent visits to islands in the South Huvadhoo Atoll to produce a drugs prevention plan for this area.

Meetings were held with the school principle and local Council leaders in Madaveli, in Thinadhoo meetings were held with the Family and Child Protection Centre, Police and local Council leaders. The interviews highlighted a number of reasons for drug use within their islands and the difficulties held in combating this issue. Within both islands it was noted that many young members of the community were using drugs due to peer pressure, lack of job prospects and higher education opportunities available for them. It was highlighted in both areas that many drug dealers would target these younger members of the community, introducing them to drugs and then using them to deal on their behalf as they would not be able to get in trouble with the authorities for doing this.

Within both islands the feeling stands that more awareness programs need to be developed and carried out within schools and the local communities particularly to target students at a younger age. It is also felt that policing needs to be reintroduced or improved within the area in order to prevent drug problems at their source. It is hoped that local islands within the area can work together to combat the drugs issue head on within the future to reduce the number of youths and school children becoming engaged with drugs.

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