Huadhoo Aid has started a Research on Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Preparedness in Huvadhoo Atoll

Over the weekend, Huvadhoo Aid embarked on journey to investigate climate change vulnerability and adaptation preparedness in the Huvadhoo Atoll, with assistance from international volunteer from United Kingdom. The islands of Nadella and Faaresmathoda were visited and focus group interviews were held. Climate change is a major issue throughout the Maldives, with rising sea levels, unpredictable weather patterns and flooding (often worsened by an increase in human infrastructure) all causing significant problems to local communities.

Since island communities are highly vulnerable on climate change issues, Huvadhoo Aid is researching climate change vulnerability and adaptation Preparedness around the atoll in a bid to further expand our knowledge to better aid both our own and neighbouring islands in the future, as the effects of climate change gradually worsen.

Raising community awareness seems the most effective method of relieving many of the environmental issues across both islands, and through Huvadhoo Aid’s attainment of information on such problems we hope to aid NGOs on the island through the provision of resources. The interviews conducted were extremely helpful and will build towards greater community aid across the Huvadhoo Atoll.