Strengthening the Public Response to combat Drug Abuse in South Huvadhoo Atoll project – Counselling Sessions.

Huvadhoo Aid is currently providing one to one counselling to members of the community under “Strengthening the Public Response to combat Drug Abuse in South Huvadhoo Atoll” project.  Counselling is carried out by a volunteer from UK who is an expert in the field. Counselling provides a confidential space and opportunity for members of the community to come and discuss any issues or problems that they may have and find a way to overcome these problems. Problems people face may be related to drugs, family issues, stress, relationships and self-confidence issues which often lead to drug abuse. However, there does not need to be a specific issue for clients to come to counselling, if you feel you would like to just have someone to talk to then you are welcome to begin counselling.

Counselling is carried out in hourly sessions once or twice weekly; however this is flexible and can be arranged on an individual basis with the counsellor. There are currently a number of clients that have begun counselling on the island for their various issues, they have contracted with the counsellor and begun their sessions. All who are interested in coming for counselling, opportunity is open.

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