Huvadhoo Aid Launched My Climate Justice Career – By: Leah R. Malone, M.S.

My collaborative partnership with Huvadhoo Aid began in 2009 working as an International Consultant.  I intensively studied the Maldives in my global affairs Master’s thesis, so transforming my initial volunteer position into working for Huvadhoo Aid (HAD) was an extraordinary opportunity.  I quickly discovered they exemplify the innovative approach taken by youth-led NGOs nationwide; holistically leveraging peacebuilding, human rights, sustainable development, environmental conservation, as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation tools. They are also incredibly successful because they blend tireless professionalism and caring for each other like a family to achieve their mission.  Over the past 3 years I have seen HAD exceed their mission; growing from a nationally lauded community-based organization, to regional NGO, and now they provide capacity building assistance to organizations nationwide.

Huvadhoo Aid constantly seeks to improve themselves as well as everyone associated with their organization. It has been a privilege to apply my professional specialization – enabling grassroots climate justice solutions that integrate sustainable development, human rights and peacebuilding – for their mission. While working for them I gained a plethora of professional experience, such as:  developing, implementing, and monitoring multidisciplinary projects and programs; undertaking community and stakeholder consultations; conducting numerous training workshops; and grant writing. HAD has taught me a great deal, bolstered my professional skills, and faithfully championed my ongoing work in the Maldives. They provided the opportunity to turn theory into practice, while teaching me the nuances of Maldivian leadership, management, and networking. Not to mention, the joys of bonding with the HAD family fishing, snorkeling, and traveling. Working for such inspirational change makers was an extraordinary experience.  We have maintained our relationship and continue to support each other’s professional endeavors. I highly recommend volunteering for Huvadhoo Aid.

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