Huvadhoo Aid’s Annual General Meeting 2011

Huvadhoo Aid’s Annual General meeting 2011 had colourfully been conducted in Hoadedhdhoo. The open air outdoor style meeting which was held at jetty area was attended by invitees from various NGOs in Huvadhoo atoll,cooperate business partners of Huvadhoo Aid, civil servants, former Executive  Committee members of Huvadhoo Aid, members and large number of people from Hoadedhdhoo.The honorable chief guest of the meeting was Deputy minister of state for Upper South Province Mr. Mohamed Shareef.

In the meeting two mega projects, “Heducrae Project” , “Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation project” to be conducted in the year 2011 had been launched. Under the “Heducare” project an education centre comprising of a  Pre – school, tuition classes and a library will be established in Hoadedhdhoo. Drug awareness and rehabilitation programme is a one yearlong project funded by UNDP.

One of the founder members of Huvadhoo Aid, the Executive Director and members of the Executive committee spoke in the meeting. Founder member Mr. Hassan Manik highlighted on how the NGO had eveloved to the present developed NGO from Hoadedhoo Zuvaanunge Club founded in1986. In this regard he noted that all the success we see today arised from the passing of NGO from generation to generation and expressed still only 50% of his vision is being achieved. He also thanked the valubale services rendered by the members of Huvadhoo Aid and especially the present and former Executive Committee members.

Huvadhoo Aid’s Executive Director Mr.Imad Mohamed emphasised on strengthening the NGO sector and civil society and also urged the government institutions to involve the NGOs as partners of development.He also highlighted that Huvadhoo Atoll had rich history of civil society movement and the civil society movement in Huvadhoo Atoll is remarkable even now. He thanked the donors, partner NGOs of Huvadhoo Aid and co-operate business partners.

The honorable chief guest Mr. Shareef praised and encouraged Huvadhoo Aid and other NGOs in Hoadedhdhoo for their efforts in the development of the island and and being exemplary to other NGOs in the Maldives.He also spoke on the role of the NGOs and civil society in the development of the nation.Certificates of the National Certificate 3 in Electrician course conducted by Huvadhoo Aid were given to the participants by the chief guest. Huvadhoo Aid is one of the most active NGOs in the Maldives and had also been crowned a National award in the field of agriculture in 2010

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