JOCV Volunteer arrives on Hoadedhdhoo

JOCVEarlier this week, Koji joined Huvadhoo Aid in the capacity of agriculture consultant. Originally from Japan, Koji has previously spent around a year in Fuvamulah in a similar role. He will be staying in Hoadedhdhoo for 6 months, during which time he will mainly be working alongside local farmers to help them maximise their yields and develop better farming practises. This work will mostly be done through surveying, using his own insight along with interviews with local farmers, and will culminate in a comprehensive report and a workshop to which all farmers on the island will be invited. Other duties include providing information at the office and taking orders from farmers for supplies, conducting agriculture classes at Hoan’dedhdhoo school, working administration at the office, and operating a Japanese language course for any interested local people. We wish Koji the best of luck on his placement, and are sure he will be of great benefit to the community.