School-based peer education and leadership program – G.Dh Faresmaathoda

Huvadhoo Aid has recently conducted a “school-based peer education and leadership program” in collaboration with Huvadhoo School and Fares Association for Re-born Society. The program was carried out under the Strengthening the Public Response to Combatting Drug Abuse in the South Huvadhoo Atoll project (funded by UNODC). The program was held in Huvadhoo School, G.Dh. Faresmathoda. The program was targeted at Grade 8 and 9 students of Huvadhoo School. The major components of the program were drugs, HIV/AIDS, and leadership.

Sessions on drug abuse and HIV/AIDS were designed to be age-appropriate to the students and these sessions are aimed to raise the awareness of the students of Huvadhoo School on the issue of drug abuse and HIV/AIDS and the links between the two. According to participants, drug abuse at a young age was the primary challenge concerning the social and economic development of Faresmathoda. The leadership session was designed to develop the leadership skills of the students. These skills are extremely crucial due to their practicality life and are intimately linked with success in each student chosen future career.

The program was facilitated by trained volunteers of Huvadhoo Aid. 38 students from Huvadhoo School attended the workshop.  Students actively participated in discussions and group work and they were presented with opportunities to ask questions at the end of the program.

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