Eid Al Luha 1432 Celebrations

Eid Al Luha (Bodu Eid) was colourfully celebrated in Hoadedhdhoo. The events were organized by the coordination committee selected from all participating organisations. The orgaanisations were Huvadhoo Aid, Hoadedhdhoo Isand Development Society, Katolla Initiative, Sports Association of Hoadehdhoo, Football Association of Hoadedhdhoo and Katolla Boduberu Group. The chairman of the coordination committee was Mr. Hussain Fayaz from Huvadhoo Aid. The coordination committee scheduled the events planned by each organization and co-ordinated the events. Events include Womens, Football Match, Men’s Football Match, Women’s Volleyball match, Men’s volleyball match, and Street games, Baibalaa, Goanibe, Mas Race and Children’s Evening. Huvadhoo Aid organized “Mas Race”, a fishing game which is conducted every year since 2009. Mas Race was sponsored by Ratufihaara , a retail shop in Hoadedhdhoo. There are three categories in Mas Race, Dhoani category, Dinghy category and Jetty category for kids. Champion team of each category, the heaviest fish of each category, highest catch of each category were given cash prizes and prizes given by Ratufihaara. Eid Celebrations had enhanced NGOs to work more collaboratively.

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